Tired of waiting long to get packages from China? if your answer is yes, then we’ve got just the service for you! KNChoice Air allows you to Shop on any Chinese website and have your goods shipped to a local Chinese warehouse for forwarding to your designated address within 6 -12 business days. Fast, reliable to take care of your needs. We ship goods directly to USA, UK, Canada in 6-12 days, Brazil in 9-17 days, Mexico 7-20 days, South Africa, Sweden 7-13 days, France 6-13 days, Spain 6-13 days and Germany 5-12 days. Rates differ per country so feel free to contact us for your specific rates and method of shipping. We also offer Air Express services within 3-5 business days for some countries. Additional service fees such as insurance and handling will be added. Freight is calculated based on weight or the dimensions of the package, which ever is higher. Shipping rate for USA is $14 USD per LB , 4 lbs is $37 USD Goods with Batteries, and certain Liquids are considered hazardous materials and will therefore attract higher freight costs. Registering with us is easy and Signup is completely FREE!, no registration fees! All goods must be paid for before being shipping from our warehouse to customer address.
At signup up, you will include the specific address you want your goods delivered to. After which we will assign you a unique customer number with our Chinese warehouse address. You will be notified via your signup email address when your package reaches our warehouse where you will be prompted to submit your invoice and tracking info. Payments are accepted in cash or Paypal through PayPal invoice, kindly ensure email address on file is valid. All goods are allowed 24 days warehouse storage before payment, after which time, the goods may be subject to sale via auction. For inquiries, questions or assistance signing up, feel free to contact us at or 1-869-667-3151